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Smoke Damage Cleanup after Your Tenants Leave

The latest tenants in your Hudson, WI, rental home have finally moved out. They weren’t the best tenants, and you’re not sure what you’re going to find. As you walk in the rental property, you find soot marks on the ceiling and the smell of smoke is heavy in the air. How are you going to get all this smoke damage cleaned up?

Smoke damage can affect more than you can see, making it difficult to clean up. When you walk into a room that has suffered from smoke damage, your first thought may be to air out the room or use air fresheners to remove the smell. Depending on how long the smell has been permeating the room, this may not be enough to cleanse the space and start to repair the smoke damage. Smoke damage can include soot damage and secondary damage from the smoke and soot combining with water or other fire extinguishers. These different variables in smoke damage make it important to involve professionals in the smoke damage cleanup as quickly as possible. They have the training and experience needed to make sure the smoke damage cleanup is done quickly and correctly.

Soot damage cleanup is included in smoke damage cleanup and is just as important. When something burns—a candle, wood, or anything else—it creates soot. Soot is the combination of ash and other small particles that are the result of the burning process. These ashes and small particles can bond to a surface such as a wall and ceiling, and cause a dark discoloration. This dark discoloration is deceptive because, while it should be as simple as using general household cleaners to remove soot from a wall or ceiling, that basic procedure isn’t going to work. The soot bonds to the surface, making it difficult to remove it from without potentially using harsh chemicals. Calling professionals will ensure that the soot damage cleanup can be done properly without causing damage to your home.

The professionals at ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning can help those in the Hudson, WI, area with all their smoke damage cleanup. Trying to clean up smoke damage yourself is never as easy as it sounds. Using a professional service will ensure that the smoke damage cleanup is done in its entirety and that your home or business isn’t damaged in the process. The technicians at ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning are trained in all the latest smoke damage cleanup tools and techniques to make sure your home or business is cleaned up to look and smell as good as new.

For smoke damage cleanup in Hudson, WI, give ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning a call at (800) 920-4642.

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