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Soot on the Apartment Walls Calls for Soot Removal

The tenants in your Hudson, WI apartment have moved out. As you walk through the apartment to determine what work needs to be done, you notice there are soot marks and stains on the walls in the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. It looks as though the tenets were constantly burning candles, and now you need soot removal services to get rid of the filthy staining.

Soot removal can be tricky. When performing soot removal there are important steps that must be followed, otherwise you may never be able to get the soot off your walls. The first step is to vacuum the area while gently brushing the soot off the wall. You don’t want to scrape the wall, but you do want to remove anything that is loose. Once you’ve vacuumed the area, you want to wipe down the area with a soot removal sponge. A soot removal sponge is a chemical sponge that will cut through the soot left behind on the wall. If water or anything else is applied before the chemical sponge, it could thin out the soot and cause more damage, making it all but impossible to remove the soot.

You don’t have to do the soot removal by yourself. If you find yourself facing a situation where you need soot removal in the Hudson, WI area, you don’t have to do the soot removal yourself. ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning is here to help all those in Hudson, WI with all their soot removal needs. The technicians at ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning have been trained in the proper techniques to make sure the soot on your walls is removed completely and you don’t face secondary damage. Don’t take on the stress of soot removal yourself; let ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning do all the dirty work for you.

For all your soot removal needs in Hudson, WI, give ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning a call today at (800) 920-4642.

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