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Carpet Cleaning Services in Turtle Lake, WI

Stain Removal for Homes & Businesses in Spooner, Hayward, Menomonie, & Surrounding Areas

Here at ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning we have carpet cleaning experts that will leave your carpets looking like new. Carpets tend to start looking dull just after a few months of being used, even if you take proper care of them. There is a very simple reason that this happens – no matter how clean you try to keep things, and even if there are no spills on the carpet, the dust in the environment will end up seeping into it making it look old and dirty.

This happens with every carpet out there. There is dust and other impurities present in the air all around us. This isn’t much of a problem for us as such low levels aren’t dangerous for people. However, they do take a toll on the carpet. It happens very slowly and subtly, but in just a few months your carpet will start looking dull and lifeless. This effect is even more pronounced if your carpets are of a bright color.

Helping Your Carpets Look New Again

Our carpet cleaning team will remove all the dirt and other materials that have seeped into your carpet. The number one reaction of our customers when we clean their carpets is surprise – they cannot believe that the carpet looks absolutely new again. This is possible due to the professional people we have, and the professional grade cleaning tools and materials used by our company.

residential carpet cleaning turtle lake, wi
carpet cleaning turtle lake, wi

Carpet Protectant

Most carpet owners do not know about carpet protectant. Our team is experienced in applying carpet protectant, and you will be surprised at how much of a difference the protectant can make. What is the number one nightmare of carpet owners? Some liquid spilling and leaving a permanent stain. The stain is ‘permanent’ because of the way that carpets are designed. You have your fibers coming out of a base, which is protected by the fibers. The problem is that the fibers do not stop liquids at all, thus any liquid seeps right to the base of the carpet. Your store bought cleaners aren’t strong enough to reach and clean the base, which is what makes you think that the stain is permanent.

The carpet protectant ends up creating a layer of protection over the fibers, preventing the liquids from seeping in. This makes a major difference in how badly your carpet is damaged by a spill. Without carpet protectant, you will keep cleaning the stain and it will never really go away, just become lighter. We use the best carpet protectants and apply it in our trademark professional manner, ensuring that is applied correctly and is applied all the places it is needed.

We will leave your carpets clean, looking great, and extend their lifespan with professional carpet cleaning services. Contact us at 715-986-2744 to schedule your carpet cleaning today!

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