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Water, Fire, & Mold Remediation in Ladysmith, WI


Mold, Fire, and Water Damage Restoration

ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning brings passion, excellence, and expertise to work every day in order to be the premier provider of residential cleaning, disaster restoration, and commercial cleaning services to our customers in Ladysmith, WI.


We’re Here for You 24/7/365                

Disasters come in all forms: fires, floods, storms, and even mold. When calamity strikes, it’s good to know someone you trust is ready to leap into action to help restore your Ladysmith, WI, home or business to its pre-loss condition. A speedy disaster response is important for a successful restoration, and that’s why we’re ready with 24-hour emergency disaster restoration services.


Fire Damage Restoration

If you think the troubles caused by fire damage end when the last flames are snuffed out, you’re sadly mistaken. The newer materials found in furniture and flooring can create chemical reactions when burned. If items that can be cleaned are neglected, they may have to be thrown-out within days after a fire.


At ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning, we know the latest techniques to clean and salvage belongings effectively. Our expertise allows us to remove soot from easily tarnished items like brass, marble, porcelain, metals, as well as carpets and upholstery. In the long-run it saves your valuables and the cost of replacing them.



Flood and Water Damage Restoration

From massive floods to burst pipes and leaky roofs, water damage can affect your home or business in many ways. No matter the severity of the water damage, moisture can lead to rotting materials, mold, and worse.


Instead of feeling stressed, turn to the disaster restoration pros at ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning and put our experience and expertise to work for you. We are certified by the IICRC and our staff is specially trained in inspection, cleaning, and restoration. Taking care of water issues right away is sure to save you grief and money.


Residential Cleaning that Keeps Your Home Happy and Healthy

A clean home is a healthy home, and we’re confident you’d agree with that statement. While we’re sure you do a good job handling the day-to-day cleaning, there are some serious tasks that are better handled by the professionals.

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Keep Your Carpets and Upholstery Clean and Protected

It doesn’t take long for brand-new carpets to start looking dull. What’s the reason? It’s the dirt, dander, and other debris you can’t see that are deeply embedded in your floor coverings.


Our powerful cleaning system will thoroughly remove that hidden buildup of dust, filth, and potential allergens trapped in your carpeting. After we get those coverings clean, keep them looking their best by allowing us to treat them with a protectant that is sure to prevent permanent staining and provide easier cleanups in the future.


We have stain fighting treatments available for your furniture as well. Make your upholstery shine and look brand new by having it professionally cleaned and protected. It’s guaranteed to help your furniture last longer and look better.


Keep Your Ladysmith Home Healthy and Energy Efficient

Do you have doubts about your home’s air quality? Chances are you have good reason to wonder if what’s trapped in your carpets could be in your HVAC system as well. Help prevent allergy and respiratory issues with a proactive HVAC cleaning to keep your home energy efficient and healthy.


Windows are an item most of us neglect until the world gets a bit fuzzy. It’s not time for a new eye glass prescription; it’s time to clean your windows. Along with making your world view a whole lot clearer, it will allow the sun help you with some solar heating during winter’s colder months.



Commercial Cleaning That Keeps Your Business Running Smoothly

Have you ever walked into a business that looked messy and just didn’t smell right? Chances are it wasn’t their product you were talking about afterwards but instead what offended you. It’s good for business to make your commercial property look its very best. Our certified commercial cleaning specialists are trained to handle everything from carpet cleaning to sanitizing and trauma cleanup. Is there a special cleanup on your to-do list? Does your business have a certain maintenance regimen that needs to be followed? We’re ready to tailor a plan for your needs and offer you complete satisfaction.


We’re grateful Ladysmith, Wisconsin residents and business owners call us when they need routine cleaning or unforeseen events cause them to need us most. When nothing less than professional cleaning will do, we’re here for you. For immediate emergency disaster restoration help, contact us at (800) 920-4642.


Whether you have an emergency or need residential or commercial cleaning services, ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning is here to help with residential cleaning, disaster restoration, and commercial cleaning services. To schedule your residential or commercial cleaning services in Ladysmith, WI, contact us at (715) 986-2744 or toll free at (800) 920-4642 today!

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