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Biohazard Cleanup for Spring Cleaning the Shed!

The spring winds are blowing through Hudson, WI and the spring-cleaning bug has hit. You make your way out to the shed to start cleaning, but when you open the door, you’re hit with the worst stench you’ve ever encountered. Apparently, during the winter, some critters made your shed their home. The nauseating smell is terrible, and the horrendous, disgusting mess is even worse. Is this a cleaning situation you should tackle yourself, or should you look for biohazard cleanup services?

The nature of the mess determines if you need biohazard cleanup. While the smell may be terrible, what condition is the shed in? Is it dirty, or is it mostly just the smell? Is it all over the floor, or is it coming from the walls? If the mess is small and doesn’t include any biological fluids, you should be able to clean the mess without biohazard cleanup help. Using bleach and water followed by soapy water should be enough to ensure the area is cleaned and sanitized and nobody is at risk of getting sick. However, if there are biological fluids present, it’s best to utilize professional biohazard cleanup.

What is professional biohazard cleanup? Professional biohazard cleanup includes a team of trained professionals that know exactly which tools and solutions are needed to ensure your home, building, or business is just as good as new. These professionals should have extensive training on all the tools and techniques and continued education to ensure they know all the latest information. The company you choose to help you should take training seriously and be investing in the right tools and equipment. You’ll know if they take it seriously because they’ll make sure to tell you all about it. If a company doesn’t tell you how they plan to perform the biohazard cleanup, you should ask questions.

ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning is your place to turn. ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning is here to help those in the Hudson, WI area with all their biohazard cleanup needs. Our staff and technicians are fully trained in all the latest techniques for biohazard cleanup. We know how to clean and sanitize the area so it’s safe for future use. ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning technicians are provided with all the latest equipment, so not only do they have the knowledge, but they also have the tools. Don’t take on biohazard cleanup yourself - let the professionals do all the hard work.

If you’re faced with a biohazard cleanup situation in Hudson, WI, give ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning a call at (800) 920-4642.

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