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Carpet Cleaning after Thanksgiving

You were able to have some of your family over for Thanksgiving, and it went better than you thought it would. You really enjoyed seeing everyone, but now that they are all gone, you realize that you have one of the messiest families in Rice Lake, WI. You see a wine stain by the couch where your mom was sitting and (what you’re hoping is) a chocolate pie stain by where the kids were sitting. In general, your home is a mess! Where in Rice Lake, WI, can you find help with carpet cleaning?

Carpets hide more than you know. You may see the stains that are on top of your carpeting, but did you know that there could be stains deep in its fibers that you aren’t aware of? The carpet of your home acts as a giant filter, so substances can and do get caught deep into the carpet’s fibers. If you were to travel through your carpet at a microscopic level, you may find cookie crumbs, dust mites, and dirt carried in on people’s shoes and bare feet. Vacuuming your carpet is a good start, but it doesn’t get rid of the dirt deep in your carpeting. For a true deep cleaning, you need the right tools and scrubbing solutions. How do you know which tools and solutions are the right ones?

Hiring carpet cleaning professionals makes picking the right tools and solutions easy. You could spend hours and hours in the aisles looking for just the right products and tools to get each stain and speck of dirt out of your carpeting, but do you really have time for that? ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning technicians know exactly which tools and solutions will work best for your carpet cleaning needs. Our technicians will come to your home and walk through each room with you so they know exactly what is needed to make your carpeting feel and smell like new.

Don’t face holiday cleanup alone. ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning is here to help all those in the Rice Lake, WI, area with their carpet cleaning needs. Regardless of the cause of the mess, we can remove stains and leave your carpets looking, smelling, and feeling like new. We aren’t done cleaning until you’re happy. For your carpet cleaning needs in Rice Lake, WI, give ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning a call at (800) 920-4642.

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