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A Smell in the Shed Requires Biohazard Cleanup

As you’re looking for the Christmas decorations you stored away in the shed, you suddenly become aware of a strong, putrid stench. You haven’t been in the shed since last packing away the decorations, winter shovels, and snowblower. As you look around you find what’s left of an animal that crawled in and died during the hot, humid summer, and it’s now a festering pile of gross, rotting remains. How do you go about cleaning up your Hudson, WI shed and getting rid of this biohazard?

Biohazards shouldn’t be cleaned up by just anyone. A biohazard is a biological fluid or solution that can cause disease. An animal that has died becomes a biohazard situation because of the biological fluids that result from decomposition. Cleaning up this type of situation requires that the cause of the fluids be removed and the area completely sanitized. Biological fluids can cause the transmission of bacteria or disease which can cause those that encounter them to get sick. It’s important to call in the professionals to ensure that the biohazard is cleaned correctly and the area is safe.

ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning is the place to turn for biohazard cleanup. The technicians at ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning are trained in all the latest techniques needed to perform biohazard quickly and safely. We have the tools needed to dispose of the cause of the biohazard and the required cleaning solutions to ensure proper cleanup and sanitization of the area so it’s completely cleaned and safe.

Facing a biohazard situation can be distressing and cause anxiety. Facing a biohazard cleanup situation can be both distressing and anxiety inducing, and knowing where to turn for help can make things just a little easier. The folks at ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning are here to help those in the Hudson, WI area with their biohazard cleanup needs. From a dead animal to a hoarding situation, you don’t have to face these tough situations alone.

For biohazard cleanup services in Hudson, WI, give ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning a call today at (800) 920-4642.

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