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Looking Forward to Winter but Stopped by Mold! Mold Mitigation in Hudson, WI

While August is just beginning, you’re already thinking about ice fishing this winter. You make a trip out to Hudson, WI, where you have your icehouse stored to make sure things are looking good for the coming season. On the outside of the house you see a black coating covering the wall. The icehouse wasn’t as dry as you thought it was when you put it away. Where in Hudson, WI, can you turn for mold mitigation?

· How did mold grow on the outside of your icehouse? While the place where you stored your icehouse may have been dry, if the icehouse itself was moist or covered in ice, it became the perfect environment for mold growth. Mold likes moist, dark locations to grow. While in storage, as the summer heat took over the Hudson, WI, area, the exterior of your icehouse became the perfect breeding ground and made it prime for an infestation.

· Mold mitigation is hard work. Where do you start? The first step of mold mitigation is to clean off the mold. While that may sound easy, it requires sanitization of the area to ensure the mold doesn’t return. The technicians at ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning have the tools and techniques to make sure the mold mitigation is performed completely and correctly. Any mold left behind can cause illness and a reinfestation, so it’s imperative to make sure it has all been completely removed. ServiceMaster Complete Restoration and Cleaning is here for all those in the Hudson, WI, area who find themselves in need of mold mitigation.

Don’t let finding mold on your icehouse put a damper on your season before it even starts. ServiceMaster Complete Restoration and Cleaning is here to make your mold mitigation project quick, easy, and stress free. Let us do the mold mitigation for you so you can continue to enjoy the Hudson, WI, summer and know that your ice fishing season won’t be affected. For mold mitigation services in Hudson, WI, contact ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning today!

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