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Thanksgiving is Here - Time for Carpet Cleaning!

November has arrived. Not sure how the year flew by so fast, but now Thanksgiving is a mere couple of weeks away. It’s your turn to host the holiday this year at you Rice Lake, WI home, so you need to get the house is order quickly. The carpet looks worn and haggard, the kids and dogs have tracked dirt everywhere, and there appears to be dust bunnies big enough to make another dog. How are you going to get the carpets in your Rice Lake, WI home clean enough to host the whole family? Where in Rice Lake, WI can you find professional and thorough carpet cleaning services?

The type and location of the carpet dictates the type of cleaning it needs. Ever notice how different areas of your home have different types of carpet? The soft carpet in your bedroom keeps your feet warm in the morning and only encounters relatively sparse traffic. The carpet on the stairs has to be durable enough to standup to everyone going up and down the stairs while also being coarse enough so people will maintain traction. The bedroom carpet will rarely see stains so stain treatment may not be necessary, whereas the stairway carpeting will see stains from mud, food, and anything else tracked in on footwear. It’s important to understand all these differences to make sure the carpeting in your home is given the carpet cleaning care it needs.

How do you know which tools and cleaners to use while doing carpet cleaning? Knowing the tools and solutions to use for carpet cleaning is one of the most difficult parts of the job. The technicians at ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning have been trained to know which products and tools will work for each carpet type and stain they encounter. ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning technicians will make sure your carpets are cleaned to your satisfaction before leaving. Once they’re done your family will think you spent weeks getting your carpets cleaned. Let us do the carpet cleaning in your Rice Lake, WI home so all you have to worry about is preparing the Thanksgiving meal!

For all your residential carpet cleaning needs in Rice Lake, WI, give ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning a call today at (715) 986-2744.

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